Monday, December 20, 2010


Okay, idk what is up with unkn0wncritic. It says you have to be invited to read the blog. Weird. Camilles Twitter is also being weird...I can't read any of her tweets...can you? Appearently someone accused camille of something and she doesn't want to get in trouble. But whatever.

PS I have some new posts on the way so look out for those!

PPS Nick Dean just came out with his new single! I will be posting the link where you can download his song "Walkaway". Get it as soon as it's posted because once it goes on iTunes, I will take down the link. So get it while it's free!

UPDATE*** Okay guys, I just recieved word that the song is going on itunes in about a week or so, or as long as it takes for itunes to approve the song, but for right now, as promised heres the link: 

Just download the song, then put it on your itunes. If you are unsure on how to do this, comment down below and i will edit this post with the directions on how to do this!

New posts to come!


  1. Don't be lazy and read through the comments.

    Camille popped up and announced she deleted all the mods because they wouldn't delete spam on HER blog or write posts. Then someone started spamming and an hour later she finally decided to delete it. Along with the spam she deleted comments in the nature of how some people don't like her and she's a bad blogger. Then someone called her out for deleting them and called her duckface and she went nuts and stopped anon comments. She then took to the cbox and told us all how we're jealous and pressed and how we need her blog but we're the bad people for complaining about gurus, when in fact it was her who made the blog because she was mad at the attention Elle, Blair, and Kalel were getting as she originally tried being a guru herself. Somewhere in the midst she deleted her UC twitter and banned people from the cbox. People went on UCthesuquel to talk about it and she got so mad that no one was begging her to change the blog back she privated it. Then she took to twitter pointing fingers and saying she wasn't around in the midst of it when she obviously was considering she blocked, banned, and privated everything. Now she's saying she had nothing to do with any of it, and doesn't have access to the cbox, even though she obviously does because she was banning people. Basically, she realizes she went crazy last night for no reason and that no one is going to suck up to her to bring the blog back nor does anyone feel sorry for her so she's trying to cover her tracks and fix her mistakes.

    So there you go, there's your new post from someone that was there first hand through the whole thing.

  2. Hahahahahaha so the tables have turned. The same person who devoted part of her life to her blog dedicated to gossiping about YouTube gurus who go insane finally went insane herself, and now we are gossiping about her. This is priceless.

  3. Call me naive, but I think she was just hacked...