Saturday, December 18, 2010


Um okay I don't know if any one is watching the live project for awesome show right now, but I just saw a segment with a bunch of youtubers. Like fluffee talks Andreas choice, Anthony padilla, and KALEL CULLEN? wow,she must have begged he new Beau, Anthony padilla, to get her on it. I mean why else would YouTube want her to be on their live show!? Oh I am still watching. There's a segment where beauty girls are making guy YouTubers into girls. And guess who's doing Anthony? KALEL! shocker.



  2. Kalel Cullen, *not even her real name.* is a lier and I have no idea why anthony would even go out with her... She's obnoxious and fake, even with nudes on the Internet. Her shows where average, and now that she started making videos with Anthony in it, all of a sudden she gets "popular.." please... It's all obvious.