Friday, June 22, 2012

Hai Everyjuan

Hey girls! Wow! It sure has been a while. I don't know about you girls, but there is A LOT of gossip to catch up on. Well, I mean we all probably know it all by now so we can just skip all that and move RIGHT along! I've miss you girls!
Oh! And my "little buddy" that I was promoting, turns out he was an X-factor finalist...whatchu got to say now bitches!
Anyways...Lets just jump right into things shall we?

First on our list is Pbbunny97...remember her? I've been reading the comments on my post about her before she became more known. For all you "Team Polina" my shit. She's the most conceited, inconsiderate, and rude girl I have ever seen. She is faker than her tans. Anyone remember that incident with Krazyrayray? What a bitch. She's also not friends with her only friend Vendi. Now that girl...she is just downright snobby. Now that they are not friends anymore...who does she have now to make racist remarks, watch Polina whore herself to the internet, ect.? This girl also loves to show off things that really shouldn't be shown in a haul your bra. Yes, it is a bra...she said it out loud in her haul video.

Remember when gurus were too shy to show their undergarments? NOT THIS PROMISCUOUS LITTLE BITCH.

Next up is MeganHeartsMakeup. I'm assuming we've all seen her room tour. I have to admit that I wish that my family...well my mother was that well off. I TOTALLY wish i could have a fireplace and a hottub in my room...i mean how tacky can she be? What 16-year-olds get that, PLUS a MASSIVE closet and another small room IN HER ACTUAL ROOM. I'd just like to see what Molly and Mia's rooms look like.
Megan has also gotten back with her ex-boyfriend Justin. Didn't she go ape-shit crazy on him when she caught him with some whores with (god bless him) Ben in his room? She accused him of cheating and they broke things off. This is the girl who wants to keep her private life, well, private. But she just can't seem to NOT have the urge to put her whole life up on the internet. How about NOT sharing that you're back together with Justin?

And Finally for this post:
HayleyisTCB. This girl. This girl. THIS GIRL. HOLY GOD! Did you see her video for her 5-minute makeup tutorial?

Why don't you show off that you work in a bridal shop...
"I'm constantly at work" -_-

I love this comment she makes:
I was actually looking forward for a client to come in and see her in this horrid eyemakeup. What was she going to do when a client walked in and she was only half way done with the makeup? ALSO...what kind of boss lets employees film a makeup tutorial while they are on duty? There may have been a "lull" but thats no excuse for not doing her job...

Alright girls, that is all for this fine early morning...2:15 am. ;)

Until next time...(which will be very soon considering it is SUMMA)