Sunday, November 28, 2010

LilKaikaiz has returned from the depths of wallyworld!

I promised myself I wouldn't do a post on ForeverKailyn.... But someone pointed out the fact that she left a comment on this video:

Here are the comments:

ohh I knew she couldn't stay away for long. She needed a way to pay for her baconators since she can't be a cam girl any more;). Anyways, her channel is back up, but she hasn't made a new video yet. But I have a feeling she will be soon, she will have to show us her sooooooooooo cute thibgs she bought at walmart for black Friday;)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Could Elle be Pregnant?

This is going to be an extremely stupid post. 
Don't hate me too much for this post. 
This may sound extremely idiotic. I was recently reading some articles about signs you are pregnant in my health class. And I just finished watching Elle Fowler's new video. I noticed that a lot of things that Elle said in that video were applicable to the articles that I read. Now as I said before this will be really stupid. Mainly for what I just stated and because who would ever want to have sex with Elle? Let alone date her!

In a recent video: She shows many signs of being pregnant:

1) She's giving up Diet Coke.
Diet Coke has caffeine in it. Most pregnant woman try to avoid caffeine and artificial drinks as much as possible.

2) She's drinking lots of water and unsweetened tea.
Pregnant woman usually drink lots of tea and water.

3) She's been craving things that she usually wouldn't crave.
Elle said that she does not like orange juice, but she's been craving it like crazy. That seems to me something a pregnant lady might do.

Agree or disagree with me. I don't even know what I believe. But, I'm just putting this out there....
Comment below telling me what you think. Do you think I'm just a dumb ass for thinking this? Or am I not alone in this idea that Elle could be pregnant. YOU Tell me.

Friday, November 26, 2010

So that wasn't a sponsored tweet?

First of all sorry for not doing a post yesterday. I was planning on doing a thanksgiving edition post. But it was thanksgiving and I had NO time. Hopefully today's post will make up for that ;).

So earlier today, Blair tweeted Raved about some Jewelery company that I had never even heard of:

This is obviously a sponsored tweet. You don't go and rave about a company that no one has heard of, then say that you shouldn't get confused over the sign up, then say that they are having a big sale! She didn't fut "(Ad)" at the end of the tweet, so she could get in a lot of trouble for that. She then denies that it wasn't a sponsored tweet after lots of people, including me, called her out on it:

Really? It wasn't a sponsored tweet? Are you sure sweetheart? Because it sure sounded like on ;).

What do YOU think? Is it a sponsored tweet? Or was it really just her raving about a company we've never heard of?

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Blair and shane = BFFL Elle and Shane = BFFN

Is it just me or does it seem like while Blair and Shane are prancing around acting like they are the best of friends, Elle hates Shane and Shane hates Elle. Shane tweeted that he thinks that sponsored tweets are ridiculous:
 At first I though shane was trashing both the Fowlers, but then I realized only elle did sponsored tweets at that time. Then when Shane was coming to Tennessee with Blair, Elle went on an earlier flight and made up some excuse for why she wasn't going on the plane with them:
She obviously didn't have any appointments becuase if she did have any, it would be with her sister. Remember? They do EVERYTHING together!

Shane never even mentioned Elle in any of his tweets/videos. He did mention blair though:

Shane didn't mention Elle in that post because he hates her and she hates him.

Then, later in the week, Shane has dinner with some friends, including Blair. But wheres Elle?
Oh yeah...She's still convienently at home:

 Or mabey Elle is a little Jealous that Blair is friends with the most popular YouTube of all time????????? I don't know. What do YOU guys think?

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Lollipop26 is leaving?

On lollipop26's blog,Http:// , she says she will be taking an "extended holiday" from YouTube and her blog. I call BS on this one. Were not stupid. You can't fool us sweetheart. Are you really trying to pull a glassslipperbeauty and pretend to leave YouTube forever, but come back more popular than ever!? Just cut the crap. And you don't need to say "when YouTube stops being fun, I stop." yeah right you will. Not with the money your making. So go ahead Laura and take your YouTube break because when you come back next week (we all know you will;) ) we will be the ones laughing while you yell "GOTCHA!" to your gullible followers Aka your fowlers.

I also had nothing against lollipop26, I actually liked her. She seemed genuine until she wrote that blog post.

So ttfn lollipop26....

Friday, November 19, 2010


This girl annoys the hell out of me for numerous reasons. Many people don't know who she is. But the people who do know who she is, know that she is a FAKE.
This girl holds these generous contests, where she says she will give you tons of stuff if you win! But guess what...they are all fake. She also says she gets 300$ a week from her parents. I found this out by going on one of her BlogTV's. When she revealed this, I asked how she gets that much. She told me it was just because she reads to her parents. I thought that she read because she is from Russia and her parents probably don't know English that well. But NO! It was just because. This girl is in 8th grade, she is 13 years old, what 13 year old girl do YOU know that gets 300$ a week. Thats right. You don't. Because she is obviously lying!
She also lies that she gets all these companies to contact her, companies that I have never heard of, companies that don't even contact other gurus on YouTube? Yeah I don't think so honey! She lies about getting contacted too!
On twitter, She complains and complains about cheerleading  and how much she hates it. But then in her videos she says how much she has fun and how great it is. Make up your mind hun, if you really like it don't complain about it, but if you really do hate it, DONT DO IT! It's as simple as that!
Her vids are as unprofessional as they get! She talks way to fast. Half the time I don't even know what she is saying, she IM, texts, and facebooks during videos which is really annoying. Her parents come into her room and she yells at them, right in front of us while she is doing her videos!

Overall, this girl makes me mad. Have any of you heard of/ watched her vid? If so please comment down below and tell me what you think of her.

I will also tell you that I was subscribed to her, but I quickly unsubbed upon learning these things about her.

Here is her link...just to prove to you that she is really annoying:

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Welcome to Guru Trash Beauty Trash where all you can trash any guru you want. Say what you want do what you want. This blog is for all of you who want to lash out at other gurus...anonymously of course :).
I will be updating this blog frequently so check back here everyday to see if there is a new post. And I promise you this: I will not slack off at any point. You are my readers. You wanna see the gossip, and I will provide it with you. So I hope you enjoy this blog, and I will check back in with you guys with some dirt on the gurus soon.

P.S. Tips are much appreciated! Please comment down below with anything you know!