Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Blair and shane = BFFL Elle and Shane = BFFN

Is it just me or does it seem like while Blair and Shane are prancing around acting like they are the best of friends, Elle hates Shane and Shane hates Elle. Shane tweeted that he thinks that sponsored tweets are ridiculous:
 At first I though shane was trashing both the Fowlers, but then I realized only elle did sponsored tweets at that time. Then when Shane was coming to Tennessee with Blair, Elle went on an earlier flight and made up some excuse for why she wasn't going on the plane with them:
She obviously didn't have any appointments becuase if she did have any, it would be with her sister. Remember? They do EVERYTHING together!

Shane never even mentioned Elle in any of his tweets/videos. He did mention blair though:

Shane didn't mention Elle in that post because he hates her and she hates him.

Then, later in the week, Shane has dinner with some friends, including Blair. But wheres Elle?
Oh yeah...She's still convienently at home:

 Or mabey Elle is a little Jealous that Blair is friends with the most popular YouTube of all time????????? I don't know. What do YOU guys think?


  1. I kind of think you're fishing for posts. Someone called you out on not having proof and just complaining and you go out and hock pictures from a different site. The sponsored tweets thing was old news anyways. And "Shane didn't mention Elle in that post because he hates her and she hates him." is terrible rhetoric. I don't get it either, at first you are complaining that they do everything together and then you are saying there MUST be something up if they do something on their own. Isn't that what you want?

    Lame posts make me seem like I'm pro-Elle/Blair, but I'm really just pro-intelligence.

  2. i agree! i feel like these posts are insulting my intelligence! are you friends with all your siblings friends? stop with the nutjob conspiracy theories!

  3. Blair does get paid for tweets!

  4. If you look on the link from the first picture Elle's now getting over $1000 a tweet and Blair's at $455

  5. I don't look at their twitters so I wouldn't know, but just because they are listed as getting paid for a certain amount, doesn't mean they are actually doing them. You can be listed at a value and still not take it. Like for instance if someone says a lock of Rob Pattinson's hair is worth two grand, but he never sells it. Does that make sense?

    Anyways, like I said I don't look at them so I don't really know, but you can usually tell when someone's doing a sponsored tweet, even if they dont put (sponsored) in it. It's always the, "Hey! I love ___! Check them out here! (insert url)"

  6. at 5:09 to 6:00 does Blaire not say that it is her 1st time trying Nars Turkish Delight. YET from 12:05 to 12:16 during this video she uses it

  7. Elle is a looney I hate her biatch